Upcoming Event: Soup Sisters


Pink and Blue Soup Bowl Cute Get Well Soon Card

We invite you to our November Social …and it’s a great event that you don’t want to miss! On November 25th we will be joining Soup Sisters, for a soup making session that will provide fresh soup to people within our community.

The concept is simple. Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers are year-round programs where participants pay a $55 registration fee to participate in a soup-making event at a local professional kitchen under the guidance of a chef facilitator. Each event produces approximately 150-200 servings of nourishing soup that are delivered fresh to a local shelter. Events are social evenings with lively conversation, chopping, laughter and warm kitchen camaraderie that culminate in a simple, sit-down supper of soup, salad, bread and wine for all participants.

Please follow the link below to register.  Space is limited so if you are interested we encourage you to register now!

Register Now!

When: Sunday, November 25, 2018 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Where: Collège Boréal, Institute of Culinary Arts

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