Industry Tour: SNOLAB

WISE Sudbury members had the opportunity to tour SNOLAB, an underground science laboratory specializing in neutrino and dark matter physics. The group met in the early morning hours on April 4th at the SNOLAB surface facility to gear up in mine clothing and learn about mine safety. The group then travelled across the Vale Creighton Mine #9 shaft for a short cage ride to the 6800 Level. After a quick 2km walk through the drift the group arrived at the entrance to the lab. SNOLAB operates as a Class 2000 clean room which means that everything that enters the laboratory is cleaned – including people! After a shower and change of clothes the group was finally inside the laboratory and ready for a tour. Check out A Day at SNOLAB to experience a typical day of going to work in an underground laboratory!

SNOLAB is a host to several neutrino and dark matter detection experiments. WISE Sudbury had a unique opportunity to view the inner-workings of large-scale experiments under construction. Once operating, experiments are typically closed to prevent background events. You can learn more about SNOLAB experiments here.

For those who did not get the chance to visit SNOLAB, please check out the virtual tour.

2014 SNOLAB tour - gallery

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