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WISE Science & Engineering Olympics 2013

2013 Science and Engineering Olympics - galleryFor the 14th year, WISE Sudbury hosted girls from across Sudbury for a full day of science and engineering experiments.  This year, the teams built bridges, measured the iron content of breakfast cereal, made their own bouncy balls, and competed in real life angry birds.  So many girls return from year to year that the events change every year.

On April 20th, 85 girls were divided into 15 teams to complete the events.  The teams were graded on team work, communication, creativity, innovation.  The team with the highest score won gold medals as well as gift cards for Chapters, generously donated by Modern Mining and Technology Sudbury.  The silver, bronze and poster competition winners received day passes to Science North, generously donated by Science North.

A free pizza lunch was provided, followed by a trivia game ‘Are you smarter than a WISE member?’.  Like the TV show, the girls must answer a trivia question, and can ask a WISE member for help.  It gets very competitive.

This is a great event that allows the girls to learn about science and engineering in a fun way, get to make new friends as well as interact with positive female role models.  Thanks to our generous sponsors this event is completely free for the participants.

Thanks to our sponsors and thanks to our volunteers who make this day so rewarding!


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